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What it means to be Multicultural



The word, "multicultural", was not adopted to describe the diversity of a Greek-Lettered Organizaion's (GLO) membership. Multiculturalism is not indicative of the physical composition of an organization on a chapter or national level; it is a state of mind-a philosophy that embraces any and all aspects of cultural identity with unconditional respect and equality.  Cultural identity includes but is not limited to: [location], gender, race, history, nationality, sexual orientation and religious beliefs (Wikipedia).  

Multicultural GLOs, like the GLOs before them, exist to address an absence that had yet to be addressed by prior organizations.  While most if not all organizations have diverse membership, there is still a cultural concentration and that concentration may take precedence over other cultures represented in that organization.  Founders of Multicultural GLOs did not want to prioritize one aspect of a person’s cultural identity over another and created organizations that taught its members how to respect and embrace each individual as an individual-the foundation of unity.

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